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Welcome to HELP Counselling Services. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to a therapeutic space to grow, change and heal. We are dedicated to serving our communities and to providing you with respect and good mental health. Our low cost counselling service supports hundreds of people each year, helping you to manage crisis, trauma and move forward from difficult life situations.

Since 1983 HELP Counselling Services has been helping Wiltshire communities receive the mental health support they need. To date we have helped over 8,500 people who have been struggling with issues such as:

Relationship issues
Long-term & life-limiting illnesses
Bereavement & loss
Low self esteem
Family issues
and much more

These issues can have a detrimental and painful effect on lives. The result can lead to chaotic feelings, difficult relationships, addictive behaviours, self-neglect, isolation, self-harm & low self-worth, as well as physical symptoms such as sleeping problems, chronic fatigue & anxiety attacks. All of these problems can affect you and cause you to withdraw from life, as well as your relationships at home and at work.

In Wiltshire, the provision for mental health & counselling is massively underfunded, and when offered it only supports a very narrow set of issues, over a very short time frame. Clients can find themselves refused help because they don’t meet a certain criteria, or cases are closed before a resolution or proper help is given. Whilst a private counselling exists, it is prohibitively expensive and unaffordable for most. Clients mostly have a set of very complex issues, which the current provision cannot hold, being unable to work with whole person & their individual story.

Local Businesses

Every year hundreds of local people access our service through this website. We would like to offer local business the opportunity to sponsor our valuable work and receive local recognition with space to advertise your services.

How you can support us

As a local business, you can support our work, in offering us free or low cost services or by sponsoring the costs one of our volunteer counsellors.

How we support you

We will proudly show your logo, with a link to your site, along with a few words about your company and why you chose to support our work.

The benefits for your business

When looking for a local business, 86% look online, and when looking for a product or service 72% of search users are looking for a local business. We are a local charity, for local people across West Wiltshire. Additionally you will be showing potential customers your ethos and commitment to mental health in your community.

A client wrote to us saying:

"I was struggling with no support (before HCS) but my counsellor took the effort & time to understand me"

The Challenges we Face

Based in Trowbridge, the people we serve face both regional & national inequalities.

Overview of Mental Health Services when Offered

How HELP Counselling Service helps

Our 13 professionally trained Counsellors have different skills & experience which can help you to be treated as an individual, matching you to a counsellor with the skills you need. Our counsellors create a confidential, non-judgemental space in which you can face difficult issues and work through them. We offer a place to alleviate distress, anxiety, trauma & overwhelm, providing you with the skills to build self-awareness, confidence and the resilience to deal with difficult situations. You are given space and support to gain new understanding and the skills to manage feelings, adapt to change, build stronger relationships and recover from set-backs.

Our Results

All clients are asked to measure 8 key areas of their lives. This is done at the start of counselling and at the end. The results below, show considerable increases in all aspects of their lives

Less feelings of Depression & Anxiety

More Self Esteem

Increase in Physical Health

Increase in Personal Interests

Career or Vocation

Increase in Personal Relationships

Increase in Family Relationships

Increase in Extended Relationships

These large improvements over a relatively short 4 to 5 month period create a solid base to continue building your personal self-awareness and growth. Through this feedback we see that our clients feel more in control of their lives, and become more active, healthy and engaged.

Our Funders

Our sincerest thanks to all the organisations that have supported our work

29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
BA13 Partnership Logo
Blakemore Foundation Logo
Bonhomie United Charities Society
BOA Town Council Logo
Lottery Community Fund Logo
ESG Robinson Charitable Trust
Helen Rice Foundation
Hilperton Parish Council Trust
Market Lavington Parish Council
Melksham Without Parish Council Logo
moto logo
National Grid logo
Ray Harris Charitable Trust
Reuben Foundation Logo
Selwood Housing Group Logo
St James's Place Charitable Foundation Logo
St James's Trust
The Linnet Trust
The Lynn Foundation
Trowbridge Area Board
Trowbridge Town Council Logo
Trowbridge Town Trust
Walter Guinness Charitable Trust
Warminster Town Council Logo
Wiltshire Community Foundation Logo
Zurich Community Trust Logo

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