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What our clients say about us!

This is why we do what we do!

A small selection of feedback we receive from our clients

I am very impressed that there is a services like HCS available. There are no large fees, only donations that I could afford

I was finally able to offload all the things I felt were too sensitive to talk to my family about. I was treated with the utmost respect and understanding. My counsellor really understood me and helped me open up about my problems and feelings

I have made a significant breakthrough and I feel much better equipped to make healthy choices

I couldn’t have wished for a better counsellor. She helped me talk about really difficult things. I felt at total ease with her and she really seemed to understand what I was feeling

During my initial appointment, everything was fully explained and I was able to talk about how I was feeling, and that I would have a counsellor that would be suitable for my needs

I was given lots of time to discuss what support I needed and what was offered. It was also amazing that I was offered another free appointment whilst I was waiting for a counsellor to become available

The service was excellent. I always felt welcomed and actually looked forward to my sessions. I have gained confidence, self worth and happiness. I feel like a different person

I liked that I formed a special relationship with my counsellor. I felt she was always there for me, and always knew what to say

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